The biodiesel repair wagon is about to hit its final destination, Boston, on May 12

Launched on April 2nd in Ventura, California, the Worn Wear truck has been making its way across the country, before it will reach its final destination in Boston on May 12. At the end of its tour, the brand will turn to social media to ask its fans which route the truck should take on its way back out West.

Patagonia repair technicians have been fixing up people’s torn pieces of clothing—Patagonia brand or not—as well as teaching them how to do easy fixes themselves.

The clothing company has long been a proponent of conscious consumption, but stepped up its efforts in recent years with the launch of the Worn Wear initiative. Launched in 2013, the initiative uses to social media to post stories about Patagonia wearers’ favorite items from the brand, and how they have lasted through the years. The goal is to inspire people to keep their clothing in circulation for as long as possible.

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