Commodity delivers trial-sized perfumes to your door—smell like rain, moss or whiskey?

No more headaches from spraying on testers in the perfume aisle–you can now pick your favorite scents from the comforts of home. Perfumier Commodity has launched a scent delivery service: You’ll get a kit of 10 mini-scents from the entire line, which include evocative, distilled fragrances like Rain, Paper, Moss and Whiskey.

You can pick from full-bodied, complex scents from the Black collection, or light, simple scents of the White collection. The scents are organized by profiles: whether your taste for fragrance tends toward fresh, warm, floral, or woodsy, Commodity has a perfume that caters to your preferences. Their minimalist scents are Eau de Parfum concentrates, which should last longer than a typical perfume.

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