Pizza Pavilion invites artists to create their own topping ideas for edible artworks that can be bought and consumed

Pizza Pavilion is an interesting new project taking place at the Venice Biennale #56, during which a group of international artists are developing their own unique personal pizza topping ideas. These will then come to fruition at the local pizzeria, Pizza Al Volo at Campo Santa Margherita, and served on-site. Opening earlier this month and running until November, this is the first international pavilion dedicated to pizza as a cultural canvas.

Pizza Pavilion is a project by Konstanze Schutze, Paul Barsch, Simona Lamparelli and Matteo Ceretto Castiglioni in cooperation with Pizza Al Volo. It isn’t supported by any funding or grants and isn’t part of the official programming of the Venice Biennale #56. It has been “realized by the enthusiasm of a few to benefit all.”

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