Phototrope, Pauline van Dongen's fashionable alternative to reflective vests, features integrated LED ribbons

Pauline van Dongen’s new illuminated running shirt, unveiled during the Nike ‘We Run Amsterdam’ race on May 16, features integrated LED ribbons to make it more visible at night. Phototrope is a piece of fashion tech that serves as a more fashionable solution to flashy reflective vests.

This new light shirt is a follow-up project to the Mesopic Light Jacket, which was realized in 2013 through collaboration with Philips Research. That light-emitting jacket, inspired by an urban environment at nighttime, aimed to merge with the city lights glowing in the nocturnal surrounding. Phototrope features LED ribbons smartly integrated in the garment, resulting in a stunning design that ensures the wearer stands out in low-light environments.

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