A partnership between the EDM star and Google blazes out-of-this-world trails for musicians

Android has teamed up with Skrillex to offer limited-edition phone cases. These cases are supported with companion live wallpaper connected to a specific satellite. This satellite will capture images from above, showing off the world by day. At night, based on your phone’s position, images of the stars and constellations become your wallpaper.

The cases are limited to the Nexus 5 and up, and Galaxy S5 and up, and the Galaxy Note 4.

There are three different cases. One is the Space Shield: a white background with an eruption of black in the center. The Circuit Bae, which mirrors a green circuit board having three red lines down the middle. Last is the Planet, an image of Earth covered by a smiling alien’s face. All of these come with the same support and function. The only difference is the appearance.

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