Stress, sleep, and fitness tweaks set consumers on the path to maximized personal improvement

Paradoxically the challenge of living in a connected age is that while we’ve never had more exposure to datasets that could positively affect our lives, we still struggle to find meaning in it all. If the constant flow of information collected by our phones or prevalence of wearable devices in the market is any indication, we should only expect these data points to increase exponentially, but who will be there to help us interpret it all?

In our Future of Connected Life report, we explore a trend we’re calling Iterative Improvement. As we allow our personal devices to track and analyze more intimate details around our daily lives, these technologies are now capable of feeding back meaningful advice to help us improve behaviors or form better habits. By leveraging the emerging data captured by wearables and sensors, these platforms are quantifying everyday actions and emotions, and pairing them with specific recommendations to nudge us toward positive and lasting change.

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