In Brief

No more repeatedly hitting snooze: Hyperalarm links with your phone to force you to wake up, get up, and get moving

Heavy sleepers rejoice (or despair): Hyperalarm connects with your smartphone through Bluetooth technology, and forces you to wake up and leave your bedroom to silence the alarm. It’s got a gorgeous, non-intrusive design, a smart battery system, and other cool features that will make your morning routine a little simplier.

The concept of alarm clocks that forces you to wake up to shut off isn’t new, but Hyperalarm gets the details (and the execution just right). Its key feature is the alarm in Hypermode, which requires you to leave the room to shut off. The alarm is connected to your smartphone through its own app, and uses Bluetooth technology to determine when you’ve accomplished your difficult wake-up. Hypermode can also be switched off so that the device functions as a regular smart alarm.

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