Listen to Your Mattress encourages a healthy sex life by gathering data about people's movements at night time

With the majority of people leading hectic lifestyles and falling into the trap of constant technology distractions at bed time, keeping the fire alight in relationships, for many, has become increasingly hard. U.K.-based bedroom furniture company Dunlopillo aims to combat this idea via a newly designed mattress that functions like no other.

The mattress itself is fitted with highly sensitive sensors that have the ability to measure activity at any level via general pressure points. This data is then collected, synced and presented on the user's phone. If the couple have been somewhat inactive for a relatively long amount of time, the technology within the mattress will send push notifications to them and even suggest date ideas such as going out for a romantic dinner or for one of them to send an impromptu bunch of flowers. This aims to reignite the desire between the two and make sure that the time between an affectionate evening isn't as long the next time.

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