A cuddly music-playing bear that also happens to be 3D printed and homemade

Swedish designer Andreas Lindahl, who also happens to work for Spotify, decided to bring the popular music service into the hands of young children with a friendly toy bear—and with his coworker Pär Johansson, who took on the hardware and coding, he was able to take on the job independently from start to finish. Spotibear may just be a fledgling experiment but it looks sleek and attractive as well as safe for young children.

To prototype the product, Lindahl and Johansson started with hand-drawn and Illustrator sketches but used Strata 3D to design how they wanted the bear to look, as well as the individual pieces for its limbs (numbering up to six for the arms). Everything was then printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2. It was then that they realized they would need to use threaded inserts for the joints as opposed to screws with taps. The body consists of four pieces, which had to be sanded after printing to get their smooth look (Tamiya spray paint and primer helped as well).

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