Advocacy group Fashion Revolution places vending machine in public place in order to reveal terrible truth about inexpensive clothing

Fashion has become exceedingly cheap to produce and sell, much to consumers delight. However, those amazing savings come at a steep price. Around the world, clothing factories employ women and children to work long hours, in poor conditions, and with minimal pay. John Oliver even recently did an episode on it for his HBO TV show, Last Week Tonight. However, advocacy group Fashion Revolution took this transparency one step further with the use of a t-shirt vending machine.

The group set up a vending machine in Alexanderplatz square, located in Berlin, which offer passers-by a T-shirt for only two euros (about $2.25 in the United States). However, once the patron puts in the money and selects their size, the vending machine will play a video about the conditions in the sweat shops where these kinds of clothes are made, including their abysmal pay and long hours without a break.

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