Lock-Rs is the world's first piece of wearable tech aimed at keeping both physical and digital belongings safe

Represented by innovation research group Atellani, Lock-Rs is a universal locking system that comes in the form of a chic bracelet with a minimal design. Currently seeking backing on Kickstarter, the digital key connects with gadgets such as Apple Mac laptops, phones and even handbags and school lockers.

Lock-Rs works via a micro hall-sensor that uses wireless connectivity (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1) to connect to smartphones and detect when a user is nearby to a selected product they’d like to unlock or lock. The bracelet, made from Hypoallergenic TPE rubber, is the unlocking device, while the padlock is used to secure items that are either expensive or have sentimental value. By using small magnets that create different combinations, this allows for the unlocking of the product by simply placing it near the bracelet.

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