In Brief

The Brody Worklounge is a cubicle workspace wholly unlike the cubicle

Rather than sticking to the standard square space and colored fabric walls, Steelcase’s Brody Worklounge redesigned the corporate cubicle to allow for a comfortable body and sharp mind during working hours.

Brody is a combination of lounge area and work space. Walls cover two sides of the area, protecting a user from outside visuals. According to the design philosophy, open workspaces have advantages but provide too much opportunity for distraction.

Research shows that a worker’s focus is hindered, on average, every 11 minutes and that it takes 23 minutes to get back on track after being interrupted. Brody’s walls provide a closed space to minimize interruptions while simultaneously providing psychological comfort. Throughout the day, a user can open or close the walls to provide more focus protection, and to signal to workmates how open she is for interruption. Fully open, it looks more like an upgraded version of the chair-with-a-writing desk you used in high school.

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