In Brief

Dutch designer Borre Akkersdijk debuts wearable tech suit with stiched-in solutions to pollution

PSFK meets with Borre Akkersdijk, Founder of the Dutch design company at Northside Festival to learn more about the debut of the BB Suit—a 3D-printed onesie that doubles as an air purifier—and the future of wearable fashion.

Before Google’s Project Jacquard, there was ByBorre’s wifi-enabled pillow to combine technology, textile and shape. The long pillow, outfitted with conducting yarns and copper wire on either end, enables two people to communicate through vibration. The project is one of health-centered innovation, imagined for people with late-stage dementia who are unable to speak but require constant physical touch. Two years later, the company is continuing to repurpose fabric to offer solutions in health, tech and even city-wide pollution.

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