Anti-Radiation Glasses Protect Against Computer Eye Strain

Anti-Radiation Glasses Protect Against Computer Eye Strain

Zappi's stylish computer and gaming eyewear filters out artificial blue light and offers UV 400 protection

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 june 2015

Zappi glasses are designed to protect the wearer’s eyes from the harmful light given off by digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. As many people spend hours using technology and looking at screens, Zappi founder and CEO Andy Jones decided to help guard people’s eyes against the damage of UV and blue light.

All digital devices emit ultraviolet and artificial blue light so using technology at home and at work can take its toll on the eyes. UV rays attack the cornea and the crystalline lens of the eye, while blue-violet light reaches further into the retina and can cause the gradual degeneration of retinal cells. Zappi’s computer and gaming eyewear guards against these two specific wavelengths by filtering out the artificial blue light and offering UV 400 protection.

The non-prescription glasses are aimed at people who don’t normally wear glasses but view digital screens on a regular basis. They minimize radiation from electromagnetic waves surrounding screens and are designed for use with smartphones, computers, tablets, gaming screens and TVs. They also help reduce glare for those driving at night.


The glasses are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, with a scratch-resistant lens that also reduces glare to the eyes. The lenses provide UV 400 protection, which blocks 99.9 percent of harmful rays thanks to a special anti-reflective coating on both sides that filters out the harmful blue light.


EMI coating on the front of the lens offers extra protection for eyes and there is a choice between a clear-looking lens with a slight tint or a yellow-colored lens. The frames are durable and flexible, with a premium matte finish and the Zappi logo on the temple. Lightweight, comfortable and fashionable, the name of each model follows an electromagnetic theme.

The computer and gaming glasses are aimed at every member of the family. Currently raising funds on Indiegogo, Zappi perks offer pairs for children (£25) and adults (£30), as well as sets such as a family bundle that can include any four pairs (£90). A quality microfiber cloth and storage pouch are provided with each pair to keep the glasses clean and safe. You can learn more about Zappi in the video below:


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