Newly wedded Faris Yakob returned with his signature gusto to speak at PSFK 2015, charging us to pay attention

At PSFK 2015, a force of nature took the stage, one we’re used to seeing and happy to have take over; Faris Yakob of Genius Steals, author of Paid Attention, was back at front and center.

Faris’ brief yet highly energetic talk took us through his past few years and cleverly demonstrated why he’s the best person to give a Masterclass in Attention Hacking.

Faris Yakob – Genius Steals – PSFK 2015 Update from PSFK on Vimeo.

Teasing elements of his thesis—attention is one of the most valuable of commodities—Faris darted from one major life-event to the next, calculatingly keeping us totally enraptured.

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