SNAP lets you create tables and shelving out of unused door frames, old cabinets, and the dartboard from your college days

A plank. A crate. A dartboard. A bicycle wheel. A mirror. All these items have one thing in common—they can be transformed into furniture without the need for tools or drilling holes, using a unique furniture assembly system called SNAP. It’s an easy-to-use set of steel legs that clip on to any flat surface, creating tables, nightstands, and even shelves.

Each SNAP unit consists of an epoxy-painted steel leg that resembles a colorful giant paperclip. At one end, a cip mechanism slips over the material of the tabletop, whether it’s wood, glass, marble, or something as odd as a bicycle wheel—anything from 1-4cm in thickness. Stretch and secure the cable inside the clip and the SNAP is locked firmly in place.

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