The Wireless Heated Mug uses nano heat technology to ensure everyone's favorite drink stays drinkable

Whether at work during lengthy meetings or at home when distractions are in abundance, hot drinks such as coffee and tea can be easily forgotten about, going cold within minutes. Now, an engineering consultant aims to combat this problem by introducing the Wireless Heated Mug that keeps drinks at their ideal temperature.

The specially designed cup is integrated with nano heat technology that allows 45 minutes of optimal drinkable temperature, which is set at 155-160 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's the perfect size with the height measuring 130 mm and boasts a charging device that can be used for more than seven refills. The design of the cup is sure to be aesthetically pleasing to the masses as it's minimalistic and looks similar to other mugs people may keep at home or at work. Made from zinc alloy and plastic, it comes in white for the moment and can be filled with 16 ounces worth of liquid, which is plentiful for those difficult Monday mornings.

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