15-minute courses and topical email series are giving on-the-go students the educational malleability their busy lives demand

An hour-long train commute to and from the office offers a large window of time to enjoy at leisure or to extend your academic prowess. Whether it be furthering career-oriented skills or learning techniques to be better equipped for the experiences of everyday life, smaller format classes and online workshops make it easier to turn commuter hours into valuable learning opportunities.

In one month, one can excel from beginner to intermediate in a foreign language or rack up hundreds of read novel pages. Given our constant desire to multi-task, it might be a challenge to focus on furthering passions and skills during these spare times when attention is often channeled toward work or home life. Amidst busy work schedules, relationships and hobbies, continued education remains just a far-off dream for many adults. But the growing offering of microlearning opportunities is helping them move into

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