Credit Card Deducts Users’ Carbon Footprint with Every Swipe

Credit Card Deducts Users’ Carbon Footprint with Every Swipe

Sustain:Green is introducing a points reward system that offsets users' environmental impact

Leo Lutero
  • 17 june 2015

Through adapting the business of plastic, Sustain:Green wants to reward its cardholders with less carbon dioxide emissions to their name. The startup provides biodegradable cards that fight against climate with each purchase through offset rewards.

The guarantee is for every dollar spent using the Sustain:Green card two pounds of CO2 will be eliminated. Their website reads: “We look beyond the standard corporate model of profitability, and instead have adopt a ‘triple bottom line’ where our social and environmental mission are given equal weight as our economic business mission.”

Sustain:Green has partnered with Mata No Peito, an organization in charge of reforestation and conservation efforts for Brazilian rainforests, to provide the offsets that cardholders earn. They have also partnered with the American Carbon Registry (ACR) to record purchases and to quantify actual environmental benefits of the project.

Every time you spend with the card, money is donated to Mata No Peito which means more trees. More trees mean more CO2 can be reversed into O2.

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The card is issued by the Commerce Bank but the “green” benefits are managed by the startup. Those who apply for a credit card will get to monitor the total offsets accumulated and the impact they had on reducing CO2 through ACR’s data, which they can access with a sign-in.

Aside from rewarding cardholders with offsets, Sustain:Green wants to partner with businesses and organizations that share their goals. Like many other credit card brands, it wants to build a lifestyle around environmentally-conscious consumption.

What’s the cost of this? Nothing more. The card has no annual fees and offers competitive rates. But it won’t be able to accumulate flyer miles or other perks. Instead, all traditional perks go towards purchasing offsets for CO2.

sustain green credit card

The prepaid cards are still unavailable but the credit cards are already up for grabs. The Sustain:Green website is a great resource if you’re trying to find out about your carbon footprint. A calculator will give estimates on how many pounds you add to the atmosphere and you can also purchase offsets on the website that can ease the guilt over the environmental toll from activities often taken for granted such as driving or flying on planes.


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