Motivate Workouts with 3D-Printed Chocolate

Motivate Workouts with 3D-Printed Chocolate

EdiPulse is gamified fitness that puts a tasty twist on workout rewards

Jason Brick
  • 29 june 2015

EdiPulse could become a way to reward your next workout. It’s a project that measures and tracks your heart rate and sends the data to a 3D chocolate printer, resulting in exercise-powered treats. The longer you keep the heart rate up, the larger your chocolate reward. Exertion Games Lab wanted to give a one-to-one physical object reward for the invisible data that wearable devices track.

Exertion Games Lab gets the concept of gamification: the tendency of humans to engage more enthusiastically with a process that gives tangible rewards. The EdiPulse wristband applies this concept to fitness, in a way many people who struggle with weight and exercise can immediately appreciate.

They also understand the inherent problems with using sweets as a reward for exercise. It’s a habit that can lead to consuming more calories than a workout burned, thus reducing the health benefits of the workout, as well as feeding into addictive or compulsive behaviors related to overeating and obesity. However, they note that the average heart rate they’ve calibrated for EdiPulse won’t experience that problem, and that people don’t have to eat the chocolate the EdiPulse produces. For that reason, the chocolates also feature a cheerful and encouraging message users can read before gifting the chocolate or throwing it out.

edipulse chocolate

edipulse rmit

The chocolate design also includes a stylized emoticon face, which appears happy for intense workouts and progressively sadder for slower, less challenging sessions.

EdiPulse underscores the power of two of this year’s most powerful emerging trends: 3D printing and wearable technology. By fusing these two growth technologies, they’ve automated and improved a process many exercisers have done on their own for years.

Exertion has many other projects that explore the limits of interactive, gamified technology. You can view them on their website, along with updates about the latest progress with the EdiPulse project.


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