Inspire Your Social Circle By Checking In Before It Happens

Inspire Your Social Circle By Checking In Before It Happens

bethere app lets you 'check in' beforehand, so you can spend time with your friends instead of making them jealous remotely

Charlie Stephens
  • 25 june 2015

‘Checking in’ has become a normal part of any day or night out. Whether for personal satisfaction or networking purposes, we want people to know where we’re at, and what we’re doing at all junctures. bethere is an app that lets you share in advance to your friends where you’re heading, so that you don’t have to worry about logging in when you’re enjoying time on the town.

We all know how hard it can be to get a group of friends to go somewhere together. By entering events ahead of time, bethere app acts like a personal scheduler, creating your event schedule and letting you share it with your friends. And in turn, it gives you realtime updates of your friends’ upcoming activities.

It’s a social network, inspiration tool, and activity organizer.




Sounds kind of like a Facebook event? Well bethere is meant instead for short-term scheduling instead; serving more as an inspiration tool than an event ‘planner.’ But it’s beginning to integrate with your Facebook account, and let’s you send GIFS through messenger. Founder Panos Spyrakis tells PSFK:

We have also used the Facebook Sign-In integration as a quick and easy way to “dig into” the app’s potential, exploring direct content that relates to a user’s Facebook activity so far, but of course many of our users go for the email login.



It’s a collective way of sharing things to do. If you don’t know what’s going on around town, you can check out your friends’ plans and see if anything looks interesting. And you can choose who can actually see your events.

We are featuring a “Privacy” setting switch in the app’s setting menu in order to allow users to tweak their posts visibility enabling others to explore their activity when “Public” is enabled.

This already happens through sites like Instagram—people flock to eat that new bacon donut that they saw on their friend’s feed. But bethere wants to make this more social, encouraging people to meet up and experience events together. And once you get to your destination, the app reminds you to take a snapshot, and shares it via your social media accounts.

Businesses can also tap into the app, using it as a predictive tool for attracting and engaging new and returning customers. People can even make reservations with bethere and get rewarded for their service.

bethere is supplementing the consumer experience with efficient design as well. Spyrakis explains:

We believe that it’s not just the idea that makes bethere stand out from any other indirect competitors. It’s the implementation of the UI as well as of the UX in the app. We created bethere to become a shared schedule, allowing either to spontaneously create a new plan at the tap of a button or simply sliding between days in the app’s dashboard to check out what friends are up to.


It’s hard to be ‘in the moment’ when we’re too busy letting people know ‘about our moment,’ and it seems like bethere might be a solution to this digital dilemma.






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