Hulu Creates a Pop-Up of Seinfeld’s Apartment

Hulu Creates a Pop-Up of Seinfeld’s Apartment

To showcase its streaming launch of everyone's favorite sitcom, Hulu will erect an exact replica of Jerry’s apartment

Jason Brick
  • 22 june 2015

Hulu announced that on June 24 they will begin streaming all episodes of Seinfeld to subscribers. On the same day Hulu will erect an exact replica of Jerry’s apartment.

This isn’t the first time virtual television stations have used real-life replicas to promote shows they have acquired. The trend has previously brough fans the Arrested Development banana stand, and Friends’ Central Perk coffee shop.

Visitors will find numerous chances to recreate their favorite scenes from the show. The doorway to the apartment has been set up so that you’ll get the chance to dive inside in Kramer’s trademark style.

Another classic scene that will be featured in the apartment is George Costanza’s Valentine’s Day photo shoot. You’ll set yourself up in the perfect pose and channel your inner George. Other nods to Seinfeld are scattered throughout the apartment, Hulu has not released a full list, preferring to let visitors discover things for themselves.

Despite some recent controversy surrounding Seinfeld himself, Jerry remains a comedy powerhouse and his program is already studied in universities as something that will influence television, screenwriting and pop culture for years to come.

As with the other celebrations of streaming television acquisitions, this promotion points up both the continuing popularity of the series and the growing reach of streaming television. Less than a decade ago, Hulu and its big brother Netflix were ideas adopted only by the most tech-savvy. Today, they are legitimately changing the way television is consumed.

You’ll find the apartment built at 451 West 14th Street, in Manhattan, the Chelsea Market and the High Line. Visitors may arrive between 10 a.m and 7 p.m. It will be open from June 24 to the 28. This venue is free to the public.


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