Autonomous cars of the future could one day rely on use of a pothole database like Pothole Alert

High on the list of global driving nuisances are potholes. Hitting a large one at speed can be uncomfortable and potentially very costly. Vehicles can sustain flat tires, bent rims, suspension damage and even exhaust damage. Jaguar Land Rover have undertaken pioneering research in a new connected car technology to help motorists avoid potholes and for the vehicles themselves to better react to driving through one.

Pothole Alert is a system they have devised to identify and tag the location and severity of potholes, recessed manhole covers and other small road depressions. A Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport have been outfitted with sophisticated suspension with sensors that are able to continually monitor the road surface and can geo-locate, categorize and share potholes to a cloud database. One application is to share the location information with other vehicles so drivers could be alerted and exercise caution.

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