World’s First 100% Agave Surfboard Could Mark Industry Change

World’s First 100% Agave Surfboard Could Mark Industry Change
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Sustainable, rideable, and beautiful, the handcrafted 100% Agave Project from Gary Linden and Jose Cuervo makes surfing a truly organic experience

Charlie Stephens
  • 24 june 2015

Jose Cuervo and renowned surfboard shaper Gary Linden have partnered up to develop the world’s first surfboard made entirely from agave materials. A vision of Linden’s for 25 years, the 100% Agave Project displays how surfing can be naturally sourced and reproducible.

Linden, founder of the Big Wave World Tour and an experienced surfboard crafter was one of the first people to experiment with agave as an effective surfboard material. After visiting the Jose Cuervo distillery in Tequila, Mexico, “The Godfather of the agave surfboard” discovered all the materials he needed to perfect his craft, and began working with the brand to perfect an agave design.


At the core of the board is a wooden blank sourced entirely from the agave tree. The pulp of the agave heart—often used to make paper—is then “mixed in a tub of water and extracted on a screen to make sheets.” These sheets are then placed on the wooden planks and dry to the board to form a type of wooden laminate.


The fin is constructed separately from the rest of the board, but is later reinforced to the main frame with agave pulp.


Sap from the tequila plant is used to seal the board, and the result is a toxic-free board that’s ready to ride.


So far, the board has been awarded Best Use of Traditional Material at the 2015 Boardroom Surfboard show, and the design paves the way for other surfboard manufacturers who wish to create natural products. Linden has no intentions of withholding his creation:

Most shapers keep their innovations a secret, but I feel strongly that this is where our industry needs to go. I’m happy to lead by example, and share what I’ve learned. Jose Cuervo and I will continue to work together to improve and perfect this process so that other shapers can adopt it.

100% Agave Project

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