Grocery chain Lidl partnered with a top perfumer to promote the start of grilling season

To build some buzz and kick off the beginning of outdoor grilling season in Finland, the grocery chain Lidl decided to combine two completely different worlds (food and the beauty industry) for a unique campaign that would get people talking. With help from the agency Folk Finland and the expertise of Scandinavian perfume company Max Perttula, a special fragrance was created that smells like a barbecue.

Eau de Grill is described as a dignified scent, combining such outdoor smells as Finnish birch, lake water, burning coals and smoky air. It was launched at a press event, with the accompanying packaging and advertising staying true to the beauty industry standard. The perfume is packaged in a stylish bottle and box, which would look right at home on the shelf of a fragrance shop. There is a ‘pour homme’ and ‘pour femme’ version so both men and women can enjoy this one-of-a-kind perfume.

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