The LAB Miami is a coworking space with a goal: reinvigorate the city, one neighborhood at a time

In the heart of Wynwood, the up-and-coming Miami neighborhood we recently visited, lies an unassuming harbinger of progress. The LAB, as it’s called, is the keystone to a burgeoning startup culture deep within the city’s most fluid district. At its most basic level, The LAB Miami is a coworking space targeted, as most are, toward young professional creatives and technologists looking for their own take on the 9-to-5.

Since it’s opening in February 2013, The LAB has seen 47,000 event attendees walk through its doors and has approximately 80 organizations and businesses operating within its walls. How does a space like this—one that attracts such impressive numbers of people for what it is—come to exist in such a short amount of time?

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