LEGO Worlds is an open-world sandbox game featuring limitless generated landscapes made entirely of LEGO bricks

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group have announced an open-world, creativity-driven video game called LEGO Worlds. Simplistically, the game could be described as a LEGO version of Minecraft, with a limitless collection of procedurally generated worlds made entirely of LEGO bricks. Players can build unique environments one brick at a time and use LEGO building sets digitally to create whatever they imagine.

The game is on STEAM Early Access for $14.99, so it is available to play while still in development. The aim of the developers is to get feedback and suggestions for the game from the community so they can incorporate these to make continual improvements and integrate additional content over time. This offers players the chance to experience the development of a LEGO title for the first time.

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