AYO is an eyewear device that helps improve sleep and boost energy by letting you "wear the sun"

Wearable tech startup Novalogy has launched an advanced eyewear device that helps the wearer beat jet lag, wake up naturally and boost their energy levels. AYO, which is based on scientifically-backed research from Harvard and Oxford, analyzes sleep and lifestyle habits for a more personalized approach.

AYO is a sleek, Bluetooth-connected device that features UV-free lighting. This clinically-tested lighting technology actively improves sleep, increases energy and minimizes jet lag.

The creators note that contemporary lifestyles and indoor work environments have led to imbalanced hormone levels in many people due to a lack of natural sunlight and extended exposure to artificial light. This can result in a lack of energy, decreased hormone levels, a risk of obesity, sleep disorders and an inconsistent sleep rhythm.

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