Marriott Hotels and Netflix collaboration to have your favorite streaming service available directly all room Internet-capable televisions

Marriott Hotels guests will soon have the opportunity to further indulge in their comfort zones, as the hospitality giant has just announced a collaboration with Netflix to roll out the video streaming platform on all its Internet-capable televisions.

Clients with subscriptions to the service will get to resume their binge-watching of Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Arrested Development as soon as they get off the plane and into their hotel rooms.

This collaboration is the latest in a series of innovations designed to change the way we travel, dubbed the Travel Brilliantly campaign, which has featured such improvements as a mobile app that can signify to housekeeping when you’d like your room cleaned, or that can check you out in a matter of seconds. All these are relatively minor, yet important disruptions in an environment that has remained somewhat static for too long.

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