The Nobot performs tasks, provides companionship and can be controlled through an operator marketplace

It's a common staple of science fiction: the robot companion who not only aids the hero, but becomes a friend as well. Every year, researchers and engineers draw closer to that ideal, teaching machines to mimic human cognition and expression but true AI still remains out of reach. The Nobot N1H1 takes a different approach to the robot companion, putting a human being in charge of the robot itself, a system Nobot, Inc. calls HOIP (Human Over IP).

The Nobot itself resembles a Star Wars droid. It has a domed head with an HD camera and microphone, a blocky body, an arm with four mechanical pincers, and treads for locomotion. But there the resemblance ends. Where droids were self-motivated, Nobot requires a human to control it.

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