A Desktop Robot Makes for a Splendid GIF Buddy

A Desktop Robot Makes for a Splendid GIF Buddy

PSFK documents the exploits of our PLEN desktop robot through a series of original GIFs

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 30 june 2015

The remotely controlled PLEN desktop robot stands at a petite 228mm (roughly nine inches), weighing in at 696 grams, and comes equipped with its own personal control software.  PLEN PROJECT COMPANY Ltd. issued PSFK its very own mini-robo to test, so we decided to create a montage of GIFs highlighting the functionalities of PSFK’s latest crew member, Lil’ P.

With 18 moveable joints and a servomotor (gyro sensors) providing extended stability in movements and range of motion, PLEN can do some amazing things (as Lil’ P demonstrates below).

plen robot

Download the PLENConnect app for iOs, Android, or on your PC and watch your special one come to life, kicking, dancing, picking up objects and even skating to and fro.

plen robot

Originating from the word ‘Plain,’ the name is indicative of a “simply shaped robot that everyone imagines,” designed in pursuit of a straightforward appearance and uncomplicated functionality.

Since his initial kickoff, PLEN has been building quite a fan base with his unparalleled dance moves. His predecessor, Plen 2, “the world’s first printable open-source humanoid,” is soon to be available after having raised over $66,000 USD on Kickstart thanks to the 187 backers eager to see the project come to life.

The fine-tuned motions of Lil’ P are certainly something to be excited for looking ahead, it surely has many implications on the refined movement (and cuteness) of our always-improving robotic companions!

plen robot


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