Nomadic Sculptures are Gifts that Want to be Regifted

Nomadic Sculptures are Gifts that Want to be Regifted
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The Messenger is a ceramic carrier pigeon meant to travel between far-flung recipients

Adriana Krasniansky, PSFK Labs
  • 10 june 2015

Welcome to the age of nomadic gifting, where presents travel from recipient to recipient, and message trumps a material object. The courier of nomadic giving is The Messenger, a palm-sized ceramic sculpture modeled after the carrier pigeon, an honored symbol of international message delivery.

Instead of wings, The Messenger has a delicate circular opening—the perfect size to house a rolled-up note ready to travel.


Becky Kent, founder of Nomadic Gifts and designer behind the Messenger, imagines the gifting process to look like this: individuals purchase the sculpture through her website or Kickstarter page for someone else as a gift. The recipient receives the bird, reads the note, and displays the sculpture at home. At some point, however, it’s time to write a new note and gift The Messenger to another person.

The bird’s “flight path” creates an international community of recipients, united by positive sentiment and consideration.

Each Messenger includes an under-glaze decal with a unique identification number; register that number online or via mobile app to see where you bird has been or where it’s traveling next. The website allows users to upload photos and videos of the Messenger during its travels and build relationships upon their shared experience. Messenger’s Kickstarter, which was fully funded on June 9, 2015, will release the first “flock” of birds for international travel.


We have a hunch that Nomadic Gifts are more likely to appeal to millennials than previous generations: research suggests that 78 percent of millennials prefer sharing experiences over making purchases. With both physical and social value, The Messenger is the tchotchke on your experiential fireplace: aesthetically pleasing and socially fulfilling. Just don’t hold on too long; as the adage goes, if you love something, set it free!

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