The Messenger is a ceramic carrier pigeon meant to travel between far-flung recipients

Welcome to the age of nomadic gifting, where presents travel from recipient to recipient, and message trumps a material object. The courier of nomadic giving is The Messenger, a palm-sized ceramic sculpture modeled after the carrier pigeon, an honored symbol of international message delivery.

Instead of wings, The Messenger has a delicate circular opening—the perfect size to house a rolled-up note ready to travel.

Becky Kent, founder of Nomadic Gifts and designer behind the Messenger, imagines the gifting process to look like this: individuals purchase the sculpture through her website or Kickstarter page for someone else as a gift. The recipient receives the bird, reads the note, and displays the sculpture at home. At some point, however, it’s time to write a new note and gift The Messenger to another person.

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