The Shift Sneaker is an LED-infused shoe that would work much like real-world game customization

The Shift Sneaker is a new (conceptual) application of wearable technology that adds color options to your footwear.

LEDs would be woven into the material of the shoe to allow it to change color on demand. Clicking your heels a la Wizard of Oz will bring up a random color sequence. For a more personal and specific color the shoes can interact with a smartphone app, where you can choose from a range of colors in black, white, pastel, neon and other shades of basic colors.

Three kinds of technology would make the shoe work. Phase change fibers with shape memory change the shoes’ shape in response to electrical impulses, and to shift the location of translucent or conductive materials to bend light in particular ways. The sneaker membrane—which is as breathable as those in any tennis shoe—pass electrical signals in response to touch in the same way as the surface of your smart phone. Miniature LED strands are the main technology allowing the real-time changes of color and pattern.

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