Chrome extension stops online TV spoilers from ruining your show

You couldn't watch Game of Thrones the night it aired, so you DVRed it. But then it happens—someone on Facebook reveals that [REDACTED] was killed on GoT. It's enough to make you avoid the Internet entirely. Google Chrome feels your pain, which is why they have released a free new extension called Spoiler Alert.

When installed, Spoiler Alert puts a small monkey icon next to your browser bar. Click it and select TV shows that you don't want spoiled, whether dramas like Criminal Minds, reality TV like Duck Dynasty, or even awards shows like the Oscars. The extension previews each website that you visit using Chrome as your browser, searching the page for instances of those titles. If it finds any, it covers the web element—the entire article—with a red box festooned with monkeys holding their fingers in their ears.

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