Don't Drink And Dive urges Swedish men to sober up before going in the water as 70 percent of deaths associated with water involved alcohol consumption

‘Don’t Drink and Dive‘ is a short documentary created as part of a campaign urging Swedish men to wait until they are sober before going for a swim. Jumping into the lake or the ocean for a dip is a tradition for many during the Swedish summer.

In 2014, 137 people drowned in Sweden, the highest number of fatalities in 12 years. The majority of people who drown in the country are intoxicated middle-aged men who have gone for a swim during summer.

Last July, more Swedes died from drowning than from traffic accidents. It isn't just a problem in Sweden either, as international numbers show that alcohol consumption is involved in up to 70 percent of deaths associated with water recreation and nearly 80 percent of people who drown are male.

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