In the near future, virtual reality won't just be about the visuals, it will expand to other senses

You’re soaring through space dodging enemy fire. You’re scaling towering mountains in the Antarctic to find a missing expedition team. You’re being ushered down the hall by a nurse at a 1940’s mental institution. Actually, you’re sitting with a virtual reality headset strapped onto your face, mouth slightly agape (see above). We predict this and more in our PSFK Virtual Debrief as the technology takes on a multisensory element.

The best virtual reality experiences achieve presence, and utmost immersion, making the headset seemingly disappear not just due to kick-ass content, but because it is a multisensory experience. Aside from the expected visual elements, sound and movement can help with the headset-disappearing act and are likely to be key to the VR experience now and even more so in the near future.

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