In the near future, virtual reality headsets will bounce between work and play, becoming a portable day-to-day staple like our laptops

Boy gets on subway. Boy puts on Samsung Gear VR. Internet freaks out. Why? Is it difficult to conceive the purpose of escaping into an imaginary world during your humdrum morning commute? Is it taking up too much head space (see: VR-spreading)? Subway dancers can dangle from car poles without so much of a blink of an eye, but someone slips on a VR headset and we can’t help but question the state of our future. This is a near future PSFK Labs explores in the Virtual Reality Debrief.

“I am looking forward to a day, seems like only a few years out, where our VR equipment is as portable as phones or sunglasses, and is as non-invasive. Today I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a VR headset, even a slick one like Gear VR. But once they’re as small as a pair of sunglasses, I’ll be using them all day long,” Tony Parisi, founder of Third Eye, told PSFK.

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