Futures Director at Pearlfisher yearns for a future where unobtrusive embeddables respond to our chemical and emotional responses

In the future, the demand to further shape and enhance these tools which will help us more precisely embrace the potential power of our individuality will continue to grow. And we believe that their next opportunity could lie in new and creative ways to harness and design the unspoken frontier of our sensory potential: our sixth sense.

Our lifestyles are changing—getting busier, more complex and multi-layered, though arguably more fulfilling. These big cultural shifts are resulting in new needs and a demand for these needs to be met by brands, products and services. These are increasingly being delivered by technology, technology that is offering us speed, convenience and multiple options to facilitate our choices. This means that we are living increasingly hyper-connected and ‘omni-channel’ lives and can access—and interact with—more information about ourselves than ever before.

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