Virtual Borders Arizona, featuring three on-site installations in the Arizona desert, is meant to make the viewer experience the terror of crossing the U.S.-Mexico border

The creators of Virtual Borders Arizona believe that political frontiers are just as virtual as the technology used in their project.

Created by Lithuanian-born curator Gabija Grusaite and Australian street artist Mr Toll, the project uses a virtual reality headset to transport the viewer to view three installations in the Arizona desert: a fried egg, a melting globe, and the “human trap,” a contraption made of chains and spikes.

“Everyone’s trying to put down boundaries or borders on the movement of ideas, people, technologies, and that’s something we feel stops the overall progress of the world,” Grusaite tells PSFK. “It’s really ironic that it [Arizona] used to be Mexico 100 years ago and now it’s being defended against Mexicans.”

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