The 5,000 sq ft robotics lab, designed by Lundberg Design, houses a mobile-controlled conference table that display pieces of code

Autodesk, a world leader in 3D design software, has added a new robotics lab to its San Francisco workshop, featuring a conference room made from a used shipping container. Located on the waterfront on the south side of Pier 9, the workshop features a wood shop, metal shop and laboratory. It is used as a maker and R&D facility, and as a demonstration space. Both the workshop and the robotics lab were designed by Lundberg Design.

For the workshop, Lundberg used a simple palette of materials (steel, reclaimed wood, plywood and cement board) that felt industrial and then added detailing to make them more elegant and contemporary. To enhance the sense of scale inside the grand pier shed, they incorporated a series of two-story high spaces including the CNC shop, and also built a catwalk bridge that enables employees and visitors to view the work without interfering with the process.

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