Publication taps designers across the United States to reshape the Coca-Cola's iconic bottle in commemoration of its centennial anniversary

Contemporary design publication Surface Magazine called upon 12 designers across the United States to join the centennial celebration of Coca-Cola's iconic curves.

The brief? An open-ended request to develop an object inspired by the original Coca-Cola bottle design, that somehow dispenses the beverage. Each designer put their own twists on the cola's most recognizable shape—while some got particularly creative in their explorations of the historical figure.

In 1915, Coca-Cola changed the beverage industry with the introduction of their “hobble skirt” design. The name was coined after observers of the design noted its familiarity to a popular women's fashion, a skirt that restricted movement at the knees resulting in a hobbling motion. Since then, Coca-Cola's contours have evolved ever so slightly, though the shape continues to remain one of the most iconic and innovative designs in the world.

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