PSFK, in partnership with HP Matter, speaks to Horace Luke, CEO of an urban energy distribution and management startup, about seeing limitation as inspiration

Innovation is the new currency in today’s Idea Economy. In recognition of the leaders who are disrupting our tech-driven world, the editors at thought leadership site partnered with HP Matter to create the Innovators Index, a roster of digital pioneers making a global impact. This week we’ve featured Horace Luke for his efforts to transform energy management and transportation in the world's cities.

Today more than half of the world’s population lives in an urban area and that number is only expected to rise. This influx places added pressure on city infrastructure to deliver vital resources and services to its citizenry, which will require solutions that are both flexible and resilient. This is especially important with future approaches to transportation, where an emerging mix of public, private and personal options combined with mobility and real-time data will help move people and things in a more efficient manner.

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