U.K. cider brand Bulmers has opened a bar stripped of all color, including the furniture, decor, food and even the staff

The world's first black and white bar has opened in London, with the absence of color serving to spotlight the only exceptions: the bottles of alcohol and the customers, which boldly stand out. The furniture, decor, food and staff have all been stripped of color in the new Bulmers #LiveColourful Bar. The U.K. cider brand boasts that its vibrant and colorful range of flavors, now including Zesty Blood Orange, bring color to any table and this bar accentuates it.


Entering the bar is like stepping into the real life equivalent of a black and white film. The monochrome elements include the floor, walls, books, pictures, chairs, sofa, coffee tables, plants, ping pong table, board games, bar staff and food (black and white popcorn, mozzarella and olive skewers, black tortillas with sour cream, and monochrome cupcakes).

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