Butterfly Keyboard Makes Typing a Customizable Breeze

Butterfly Keyboard Makes Typing a Customizable Breeze

The heirloom-grade Model 01 keyboard does away with keyboards' longstanding unfriendliness to the human hands

Jason Brick
  • 3 july 2015

The Model 01 shifts the design of a typical keyboard. Focusing on the ergonomics of typing, the keyboard’s keys are spread out evenly for your fingers without a large spread. The keyboard scales down the size of a typical keyboard by cutting it in half, making all keys reachable by either hand.

The developers, Keyboardio, first believed this would simply be a hobby project that would take a month at most. This was two and a half years ago. Deciding against going down the quick route, they took their time with the design and learned 3D modeling to bring their image to life. They went through several prototypes and settled on a keyboard that matched the image of a butterfly.

Instead of having a plastic or metal design they crafted the frame out of two blocks of solid maple, creating a finished look and texture as akin to a favorite guitar as to a standard keyboard. Using wood adds time and expense to the production process, but the finished product will be worth it for aesthetically-inclined users.

keyboard keys model 01

The keys are made out of tactile mechanical switches that were originally found on the Apple II. Each one is sculpted to allow your fingers to switch to the next one with ease and comfort.

typingg model 01 keyboard

The scaled down keyboard has relocated some function keys like CNTRL and DEL, and replaced the function row (normally at the top of keyboards) with the older school function (FN) key that works like your SHIFT and CNTRL keys.

The Model 01

+Model 01 keyboard

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