Talk to a Billboard and Win a Swiss Mountain Vacation

Talk to a Billboard and Win a Swiss Mountain Vacation

If commuters at a Zürich train station interacted with a mountain man on videochat, they received free train tickets to a most scenic place

Teo Armus
  • 14 july 2015

Your next day trip could be hiding on a subway billboard: In a campaign from the tourism board of Graubünden a talking billboard gave unsuspecting passengers free train tickets when they interacted with the ad.

Connected to a billboard in Zurich’s Central Station by videochat, a “mountain man” from the Swiss mountain region greeted passengers and encouraged them to approach him for a conversation.

Those who did were rewarded: In addition to yodeling for one amused commuter, he gave these stressed commuters free train tickets for an afternoon trip to the town of Vrin.

The man even called some passengers’ bosses or teachers to see if they could in fact make the journey to Graubünden, which brands itself as “Switzerland’s number-one holiday destination.”

The end of the advertisement shows the whole group of passengers congregating with the man in Vrin:



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