Watch the World Take Off in Instagram Hyper-Speed

Watch the World Take Off in Instagram Hyper-Speed

Hyperlax lets you sit back and view Instagram hyperlapses while a Soundcloud-powered soundtrack plays

Teo Armus
  • 2 july 2015

Want to peek at what’s happening across the world—in superspeed? Hyperlax, a program that streams hyperlapses, lets you do just that.

Created by product manager Taylor Crane, the program uses the Instagram API to display Instagram hyperlapse videos as they are posted to the social media app in real time. Crane tells PSFK:

Hyperlax feels a bit like you’re traveling the world, it feels a bit voyeuristic, and above all it can be absolutely mesmerizing.


Although he was inspired by Hypermasher—a similar idea created by developer educator Andrew T. Baker—Crane also wanted to make a few changes to the concept in order to improve on the way hyperlapses are viewed.

I saw Hyperlax as a way to use a television/screen in a very different, more passive and ethereal way. So, I tried to build an experience around that.

Crane, who was teaching himself how to code when he created the program, added innovations like a full-screen mode that lets you go full-screen or fast-forward and rewind through hyperlapses as if you’re watching a video.

A music tab that draws upon the Soundcloud API gives you a choice between one of six playlists (though “Chill” is the default track).


For Crane, the music is an integral part of the Hyperlax-watching experience, he says:

Try playing the video without the music, and it loses 75 percent of its intrigue. Chill music is very relaxing, and when paired with sped-up and smooth-moving videos, it creates a very mesmerizing experience.

It may feel like each song is expertly paired with the video, but that’s just your brain playing tricks on you. Sweet, sweet tricks!


Other features include a world map highlighting the hyperlapse’s origin, along with the caption posted alongside the video and the poster’s Instagram handle.


All images via Taylor Crane

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