A YouTube user named Rapture Records has made short and functional "tortilla records"

Back in April, the Internet went abuzz over a very ridiculous (and very fake) video showing that putting a tortilla on a record player would produce the “Mexican Hat Song.” One YouTube user took this idea and made it a little more real, crafting a musical tortilla that actually does work on a record player. By etching grooves onto tortillas with a laser cutter, an account named Rapture Records transferred 30-second samples of songs that can be played almost like vinyl.


In addition to the hat song, Rapture has uploaded several videos featuring tortillas playing other classics—such as “Macarena,” “Yakko’s World” from the Animaniacs, and “Puttin’ on the Ritz” (specifically, the version by none other than Taco, a Dutch a one-hit wonder from the 1980s.)

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