Do Your Environmental Part: Keep a Meat Printer in Your Kitchen

Do Your Environmental Part: Keep a Meat Printer in Your Kitchen

The Cultivator is a food replicator that draws attention to the environmental impact of our food choices

Jason Brick
  • 10 july 2015

Meat production is responsible for one third of the world’s annual fresh water consumption and contributes 14 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions. German interaction design students, Sarah Mautsch and Aaron Abentheuer are drawing attention to this consumption with their concept design The Cultivator.

Mautsch and Abentheuer went after the meat production supply change because of greenhouse gas. Both students consider livestock consumption and pollution a forgotten aspect of the environmentalist conversation and wanted to bring it further into the public awareness.

They introduced the concept via an installation at their university. Visitors could reflect while visiting the Cultivator to get an idea of the greenhouse causes and global climate change issues meat production gives to the environment. The core message is that although not everybody wants to eat vegetarian, technologies that allow us to consume meat without the current destructive supply chain are only a few years of committed research away.


The Cultivator runs on solar power

The machine will personalize an individual meal plan to a user’s dietary needs. When printed, the printed substance would not be a replica of characteristics normally found in a chicken breast or a burger. The printing process would give the most efficient amounts of nutrients and flavor for a user’s dietary needs. The outcome is more an unidentifiable substance representing the physical embodiment of meat.

Printed Meat 2.jpg

The Cultivator‘s description for each person’s printed meat consists of a list similar to that used to in food labels. These are shown as a serving or a recipe. The information listed details nutritional facts such as cholesterol, fat, calcium, and numerous others. Although this is a design concept both students hope the public will rethink how to cut back on the amount of greenhouse gases livestock is pouring into our hemisphere.

The Cultivator

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