Foodscapes are recycled, recyclable plates that seek to rethink the way we consider food waste

Farm-to-table just became farm-to-table-to-farm. Foodscapes takes the idea of sustainability one step further, with plates made of food waste that can be transformed into fertilizer after being used.

The project was originally created by Italian design firm Whomade as part of an installation that asked museum-goers to get rid of the edible seed and keep the scraps traditionally seen as unusable. Whomade’s Edoardo Perri tells PSFK:

We wanted to provoke a new thinking, to twist the common mindset about what actually waste is or is not. In nature, there’s no waste basically and what is food-waste for humans is probably precious food/energy for other beings. We wanted to highlight such cyclic food-scape, where the focus would be on giving a new quality to what’s normally considered waste.

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