The NikeCourt Flare helped the No. 1 tennis player win three Grand Slam titles—and now, you can get a pair for yourself

Serena Williams can add one more item to her growing collection of prizes. The No. 1 women’s singles tennis player now has her own sneaker line on the market: the lightweight, minimalist NikeCourt Flare.

Though Serena has already won three of her most recent titles wearing Flares, anyone can now buy the sneaker, which features an ankle cuff to make the shoe feel like more of a natural extension of the body.

Nike Innovation’s Aaron Cooper worked to design the show with Williams—who is fresh off her second “Serena Slam,” or second time winning four-consecutive Grand Slam tournament titles. During the design process, Serena had just rolled her ankle at the time and was looking for a bigger, built-up shoe that would give her stability on the court. But Cooper convinced her otherwise: A lightweight, flexible shoe would ultimately provide more balance.

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